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Antony Cyril Sutton, author of America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, gives an overview here to a group of "early Americans"!  He explains Hegelian Dialectic in these terms: "If you want history to progress, you have to have conflict."  A static world is no fun, folks, and listening to this interview you will see why we really do not have a "two-party system" -- so many men who took opposite stands in Democratic and Republican politics are from the same Skull & Bones club (each year's 15 chosen members become a "club" with an ID).  So playing opposite sides of the spectrum (thesis/antithesis or problem/reaction) keeps bringing us new developments in the form of synthesis/solution ... toward "the creation of one world."  Big names in the way of S&B members: Harriman, Taft, Bush -- our presidents and their bankers.  Conspiracists are those who operate in secret, and the membership of S&B is kept secret since its formation over 150 years ago.