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Turmeric powder and rootThis is the simplest and cheapest way to get your teeth looking nice and white, even though you might not want to try it at all!  Turmeric root is chewed in Third World countries and people there seem to have admirable white teeth, despite not getting cleanings at the dentist every six months or bleaching and applying veneers, as so many Americans do.  Bleach (peroxide in over-the-counter whitening strips) does not seem to do the trick and those strips are expensive!!  The professional gel provided with the expensive tooth-whitening trays your dentist molds for you contains fluoride, which further damages our enamel.  So what to do as you age and those chiclets of yours turn beige and even tan-colored ... especially if you've been drinking coffee or tea or red wine or even smoking?

Easy!  Turmeric powder can be found in the spice section of any grocery store ... Simply designate a toothbrush your Turmeric Toothbrush and dip it in a bit of powdered turmeric (at least 1/8 teaspoon); then brush your teeth like you normally do.  You can put some toothpaste on the brush first as a "carrier" for the powder (helps it to spread).  Some say to brush with turmeric for several days in a row and watch the whitening begin, but another way is to alternate brushings with your Turmeric and regular toothbrush -- don't even use more powder, just your usual toothpaste, with the T-brush -- which will be stained bright orange -- and when this stain wears off use the powder again.

Over time, you'll be very pleasantly surprised.  Your teeth will brighten up impressively!  Keep the program going, and develop your own tricks.  Some people brush in the shower to prevent spatters on towels and clothes.  Turmeric stains fabric unforgivably, which is why anyone who has cooked with it might get freaked out by the idea of putting it on already bad-looking teeth, but there's nothing to fear except those unfortunate fabric stains.  (Can be washed or scrubbed from sink enamel and non-porous countertops ... Wash your lips off very well before you dry your mouth after brushing!)  A helpful web post with a homemade toothpaste recipe is here.  You can try chewing the root (available in some grocery stores), but you end up swallowing it (for other nice health benefits), so it's hard to keep the bits on the front of your teeth where you want it to do its work.