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Gucci 2016Gucci 2016They're putting it out there, in their own words:  The end of gender is near.

Gender is a mood, a metaphor, an anachronism.  These blouses epitomize the anti-machismo mood of the moment.  The British department store Selfridges announced it was doing away with its men’s and women’s departments in favor of three floors of unisex shopping under the banner, Agender.  This determination to eradicate gender, however, is broader than ever, with significant establishment heft behind it. The push is coming from corporate-owned design houses, publicly traded companies, major department stores ...

Men's clothing has ruffles, flowers, lace.  Dressing like Grandma, they call it!  The Washington Post tells us, "The spring 2016 menswear season began last month in London with men in loosely pleated trousers, floral prints and lace shirts. When the pack of retailers and editors moved on to Milan, they were greeted even more emphatically with lace and the addition of lounging robes. By the time Paris designers unveiled their wares, the catwalks were covered in oversize, flower-embroidered cardigans."  Wear a girl's hair clip as a lapel pin; a corsage or two never hurt a guy.  Next will come women's perfume and make-up ...  False eyelashes, mascara, lipstick, nail polish -- guys are going to have so much fun!  (My question is, I can't think of anyone [yet] who would buy these outfits, at least not anyone I know ... and that blue shirt above is going to itch like crazy.)