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Okay ... we have all heard about the sudden mass die-offs of so many kinds of ocean life -- washing up on beaches, floating in offshore waters -- huge numbers all at once.  What is this from? people are wondering.  Fukushima?  Here's something you might not have known about: U.S. Navy warfare training ranges just off our coastlines (Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, including Hawaii).  Rosalind Peterson of explains the experimentation with different kinds of weaponry -- chemical, sonar, radar, explosives, radiation and more.  America has been told this is in the name of homeland security and a great number of marine animals will suffer as a result.  Can't be helped, folks!  Below is "The Big Picture" map of the Navy's training range complexes (click image for enlargement):

US Navy Warfare Training Range map

"Take" is the Navy's word for harm to living things, including their death. We have seen mass herding and asphyxiation from lack of available oxygen, mass stranding of single species onto beaches, cetaceans (dolphins) that are deaf and unable to navigate.  Note that overfishing of the oceans accounts for starvation of many species along the marine food chain, and the proliferation of plastic debris entering our oceans is causing for more deaths (ingesting plastic instead of food), as well as reproductive disruption.  Here's the story about the Navy (click image and click the video on the linked page):

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