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I recently visited a new house that was being shielded from cell-tower radiation.  The practice is called remediation, and may be done for many causes, including electrical fields, chemicals and molds.  (See Larry Gust's website for more info.)  Larry was consulting for the homeowners, who are chemical- and radiation-sensitive.  The cause of the microwave radiation that made Larry's RF meter wail was the cluster of large cell towers on nearby Black Mountain (San Diego County):

Cell towers on Black Mountain

San Diego's Black Mountain, now crowned with cell towers that blanket homes with microwave radiation.

Black Mountain towers

Here's what hikers see when they get to the top (click to enlarge):

Top of Black Mountain

Worse, even, is Santiago Peak on the border of adjacent Orange and Riverside counties in southern California (below):

Orange/Riverside county Santiago Peak

What can I say?  If people fail to realize that radio-frequency microwaves bombarding our world from mountaintops 24/7 are not safe for living organisms, we will all go down together.  Fondness for and reliance on cellular technologies and wireless communication is behind our insomnia, agitation and general failing health.  Turn off your WiFi router for a few nights and see how well you sleep!  In case you don't get it, sleep is when the cells go into deep restoration modes.  This is why you must lie still for eight hours and do nothing -- so serious is the repair work going on.  Why would you jolt your cells with RFMW from transmitters right in your bedroom?  Our cells are used to electromagnetic frequencies that peak at 40 Hz, running mostly between 7 and 12 Hz, the earth's natural EMF range.  Compare this to unnatural, man-made WiFi at 2.4 billion Hz and cordless phones at 6 and 7 billion Hz!  Your cell barriers are shattering, DNA strands are breaking, and with so much constant injury, repairs on the cellular level cannot be maintained.  Give it awhile -- see how it catches up with you ...