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Jenner says, in his man-voice: "I'm the new normal!"  And the media fuss has been huge!  But "normal" is not really attainable for real folks who don't have professionals doing tricks for them.  Her are two iconic stills of Caitlyn/Bruce.  Note the smooth skin and the VERY flat stomach, and even the breasts are significantly larger in the bottom picture.  Where are Bruce-the-Olympian's big lungs?  This is a Photoshop job or they've used a model.  If you enlarge the photos and know what to look for (click photo for bigger version), you will see the pixelation and new layers where Bruce's real body and bulk has been wiped out.

The new Bruce
Caitlyn-Bruce in the car

But below are pictures of Bruce taken not so long ago and a news report with video footage from 2013.  How much surgery does it require to lose that midriff and shape up those bony legs?  Either the above photos were heavily altered, or a stand-in for Jenner's body was used.  There is no way a person can go from burly male girth (breadth of ribcage and bulky core) to the svelte form we see in the stills above.  (Click photos for enlargements.)

Bruce on paddleboard
Bruce strolling

Sequence of photos, from 1976 to recent.  Changes, achieved through hormones and surgery, can be seen over time.

Olympian Bruce 1976
Sports announcer 1981
Bruce Jenner 1985
Bruce and Kris 1993
Recent Bruce
Young Bruce