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Early Bruce JennerRecent Bruce JennerA friend said recently, "When you told me they were pushing the whole transgender thing, I didn't believe you.  But now ..."  And yes, it's true.  Said Bruce in his long-awaited two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer: "What I'm doing is going to do some good.  What I'm doing is going to change the world.  There are so many out there like me."  The announcer: An estimated 700,000 transgender Americans all around us. Jenner: "Bruce lives a lie.  SHE is not a lie."  No, I'm not gay.  I've never been with a guy.  Apparently, Jenner began his sex change back in the 1980s, when he was prescribed female hormones and took them for five years until he "lost his nerve" and stopped.  He had a rhinoplasty back then to reduce his nose, as well as electrolysis to remove his chest and facial hair.

8-minute clip; see full interview here

This is modeling, remember that.  Jenner was the World's No. 1 Athlete, leaping across cereal boxes when we were growing up, and now he may be on cereal boxes as the world's Most Famous Trannie.  Is this coincidence?  We know our culture follows its own wild movie script, so why wouldn't Superman decide to become a woman?  Why is the transgender thing so big now?  Where are all these people coming from?

Our environment is rife with manmade chemicals that are estrogen mimickers.  Boys in the womb are getting bombarded with xeno-estrogen overdose, and thus may be coming out as incomplete males.  The job of the Y chromosome is to form the male baby from what is essentially a female embryo until the seventh week of pregnancy.  With too much prenatal estrogen (e.g, if the mother's body is full of phthalates and artificial/chemical estrogens), the job of making a full male may not be finished.  The Disappearing Male is a Canadian documentary made for TV over a decade ago, from which we learn that male babies are being miscarried at very high rates due to unnatural chemical interference, and we are also seeing an abnormal number of hermaphrodite babies being born (sexual characteristics of both genders).  Everyone is aware of the current male homosexual boom: Is this because of too much estrogen in the womb?

The Disappearing Male (see full movie here)

Phthalates are chemicals that enhance the properties of polymers, making them hard or soft.  They are endocrine disrupters, with serious effects on our reproductive systems due to their molecular similarity to estrogen.  The body is essentially "biochemically blind," in that it often cannot differentiate between similarly shaped molecules.  (Example: Our cells thrive on iodine, but are fooled by the molecular shape and mass of fluoride, bromine and chlorine, which are prevalent now in everyday life; thus our iodine receptors are taking up these very toxic chemicals instead of iodine, which has been lost to us, and we are in trouble because of it.  Read this to understand more; buy iodine here.)

My prediction:  The Jenner Phenomenon has been scripted.  Watch the commentary on TV and you will hear about all the celebrity support for Jenner, how courageous he is, how he must have unconditional love, once a champion always a champion, don't live a lie.  The new cultural mantra will be (this is my prediction): Your life is a lie until you renounce your gender.  How 'bout that?