Think TV

This short Australian TV documentary explains what chemical intrusion is doing to us, which includes a drop in IQ points.  Of course!  Because toxic chemicals not only make it harder for our cells to do their daily housekeeping, they stunt our overall development.  Growing up with chemicals is not only dumbing us down, it's also blurring the genders as described above.  A shift is occurring in us biologically, which is part of a species effort to adapt to our environment.  We are trying/learning to work with the chemicals inside us; hence the gradual eradication of the boundaries between the sexes.  We have to adapt -- it is part of evolutionary biology.

Whether today's men know it or not, like it or not, choose it or not, by living in the modern world and using phthlate-laden products, they are undergoing a long phase of feminizing hormone therapy.  After decades of exposure to xeno-estrogens, increasing numbers of men may feel at odds with their men's bodies, for chemicals change the brain.  Transgenderism may become a life choice for many!  Notice already how men are becoming rounded, more bald, sperm count is falling, male infertility is rising, and more men are developing gynecomastia (small male breasts).   How to avoid chemicals that act like estrogen?  Read this and change certain things that you do, for starters.

Remember the troll dolls every little girl had not that long ago?  They're collectibles on eBay now, and when you take a look at them, they're sexless, multicultural, with freaky purple interracial hair!  Oliver Curry, an evolutionist at the London School of Economics, predicted in 2007: "The human race will one day split into two separate species -- an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures."  I call them the e-Workers and the e-Lites.  The human of the future will have no gender (no need for clothes); will be non-reproductive, super-dumb and happy to work in the factories and stir the cauldrons; docile and willing and unsuspecting ... General attitude: It's all good -- anything goes!