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An Australian psychologist looks at Aspergers autism as being an enhancement of sorts, that this kind of perception may solve the world's problems.  Quote: "I think there are many advantages in us embracing Aspergers syndrome and welcoming that different way of thinking."

However, if you watch this video, after having seen the documentary Secret Ingredients by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart (you have to catch this when it airs for free), or if you have watched the wonderful 9-episode series Interconnected by Pedram Shojai, you will know right away that the behavioral characteristics of many of the children in the video below are due to gut-microbiome issues, which are proving to be the cause of neurological disturbances.  And just changing one's diet can result in tremendously positive functionality shifts!




In early May, without warning, WordPress wiped out investigative writer Jon Rappoport's blog.  He writes: "After 10 years---boom.  Gone.  We are in the process of restoring the blog through "other means."  Meanwhile, my home page at is still up, and you can let others know to go there to sign up for the email list to receive my articles in their inbox on a regular basis.  You can also order products at that same home page.

I strongly suspect that my articles criticizing vaccines triggered the censorship move.  The justification would be: well, we must protect the health of the public and your influence could be quite negative in that regard, etc.  

Jon Rappoport Vaccination

Information, evidence, opinion are all now subject to the preferences of "those in charge," who of course "only have the best interests of The People at heart."  Sure.  The reality is: when there is something called official science, then unofficial science must be trampled on and stamped out -- the word "official" tells you that authorities are pushing lies down on people's heads and those lies must be maintained and never doubted.  Unofficial science becomes dangerous.  It contains repressed truth.  

I've learned that first-hand over the past 35 years working as a reporter.  All my major investigations have been "unofficial," and in every one of those cases, there was someone standing in the middle of the road behind barricades shooing people away and warning that there was nothing OFFICIAL to see by going farther.  THE RIGHT TO HAVE AND EXPRESS AN OPINION OR VIEW OR FINDING are under attack.  Structures that would enable persons to express an opinion publicly are censoring certain voices.  They don't have to give a reason.  They just do it.  

They might say a writer "violated community standards."  What community, and what standards?  Oh, the ones they make up and pretend exist.  Those communities and standards. 



Garrett Smith, a naturopath in Arizona, delivers a beautiful analogy in this commentary about gut microbiome, which is an exploding field in the realm of health these days.  Smith has a great way of making analogies in general, so visit his channel on YouTube and listen to much more!







NEW CLINICAL STUDY : A few cents of daily magnesium is an effective and safe alternative to dangerous and relatively ineffective pharmaceutical antidepressants.

Magnesium in foods

Excerpt:  Depression is one of the most widely diagnosed conditions of our time, with over 3 million cases in the U.S. every year, and 350 million believed affected worldwide.  Conventional medicine considers antidepressant drugs first-line treatments to the tune of 16 billion dollars in global sales by 2023.  Despite their widespread use, these drugs are fraught with a battery of serious side effects, including suicidal ideation and completion -- the last two things you would hope to see in a condition that already has suicidality as a co-morbidity.  For this reason alone, natural, safe, and effective alternatives are needed more than ever before.

Not only does magnesium help depression, it provides relief for fibromyalgia, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, PMS and migraines.  Topical magnesium is a great pain reliever for sore muscles and aching joints (try our bestselling magnesium cream at!)  Read full GreenMed report here and see clinical trial here.



Writes Dr. David Brownstein, of iodine fame:  Did you know that we have a US Navy warship, The USS Fort McHenry, that is currently quarantined in the Persian Gulf for…an outbreak of mumps in fully vaccinated US sailors.  Where is the outrage over a quarantined US Naval vessel?  Forget the outrage, where are the MSM articles about the fraud and failure of the mumps portion of the MMR vaccine?  If the FDA, HHS, CDC and the US Congress were truly working for us, there would have been Congressional hearings about the safety and efficacy of the MMR vaccine and the MMR vaccine would have been recalled. 

USS Fort McHenry


As Dr. Brownstein points out, these are adult Navy sailors, all vaccinated.  Business Insider tries to pretend this is a very rare virus, but mumps is not rare.  Mumps is a swelling of the parotid or salivary glands; the Bus Insider post calls it parotitis, as though this is something different from mumps, and so rare!  Read Dr. Brownstein's post here.



Lots of people are watching this video ... listen to the very odd thing said by molecular biologist Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD, at 1:13:  "Now we can transfer the information from the microbial DNA to the human DNA, and in so doing we can train, so to speak, the microbes to withstand whatever extreme condition they're exposed to, including this new technology, and then we can train them to transfer this resilience of theirs to our DNA."

This is known as genetic modification.




Yoga outdoors


Get bright light exposure (natural sun and daylight!) between 8 a.m. and noon and your weight-control chances are much better.  From Northwestern University School of Medicine:  "The threshold for the link between light exposure and lower BMI was 500 lux, a measure of the amount and power of light. A room lit by a reading lamp and a TV might be 50 lux, an overcast day might be 1,000 lux, direct sunlight might be between 32,000 and 100,000 lux, experts say.

"That exposure could come from many sources, including morning light through the windows of a car or a lunchtime walk outside, Zee said. At the same time, it’s important to avoid brighter light later in the day or at night, which has been linked to increased obesity."

Read full report here.