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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

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Stew Peters discusses with Dr. Bryan Ardis the Contracts & Commerce profiteering of hospitals for Covid intakes and treatment.  Dr. Ardis strongly recommends that everyone have an Advance Medical Directive form prepared in case of a hospital visit for any reason.  That and the Medical Power of Attorney forms are here and here.

See more legal resources from Dr. Ardis here.







The Global Education Futures Forum foresees "a future where by 2028 there would be a cohort of Peoplenaires whose portfolios were valued by quality of human capital held.  It is conceivable that Peoplenaires won’t even be human.  They could be Decentralized Autonomous Organizations set up to automate 'charitable investments.'

Read full post here.



He's basically letting us know that, vaxxed or not, we'll still be getting colds and flu ... and remember, OMICRON spells MORONIC!










Here is Dr. Seneff at M.I.T. in 1969 in front of one of the world's first computers




Dr. Stephanie Seneff of M.I.T. explains simply and clearly what happens when Covid vax spike proteins circulate in the body before she is cut short by reporter Laura Ingraham (unfortunately there is an ad that plays first!)

Catch the whole interview here and read the article!