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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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I o d i n e

Lugol's Plus iodine

Great daily supplement
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Nascent and Lugol's

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glossy postcards

Chemtrails Fact Sheet small

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If you've ever had any kind of orthopedic injury, including arthritis, here's a book that explains it all.  Amazing information, very clearly presented by an extremely knowledgeable MD, with simple diagrams and lots of links to explore if you want to.  A must read, as we all age and have to rebuild tissues even when we're young.  Five stars -- click image for free download.



This film, directed by Jimmy Goldblum, is on the 2022 Oscars shortlist.




Robert Malone was instrumental in the creation of mRNA vaccines, adding a critical component to the theoretical mix.  He has been taken to task for "inventing the mRNA vaccine," and responds in this post.  Here's an interview with Malone about his background and work:



An update on Peggy Hall's court hearing on September 23rd ... She says, at 18 minutes, that the point of her lawsuit "is to get a judge to rule that a legislative body does not have the authority to give away its legislative power to the executive branch of government."






A fascinating discussion -- so much we don't know ...





Based on my November 2015 newsletter, I discuss how the US Navy came to develop many of its warfare techniques by studying whales and dolphins.  The harm done to these species, who echolocate to survive, continues to this day.  Must listen -- click here.  Read the newsletter here and do subscribe (see how to the left of this page).




Dr. Joe Dispenza very convincingly explains how deeply many people need to change their way of thinking and operating to forge a whole new being from within themselves!  His books and workshops have helped thousands worldwide.  This interview with Brian Rose will help you re-learn what you may have forgotten, and if you're new to Joe Dispenza, it's a must watch.  Entire interview can be seen here.