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  Pseudo-Life Series (Parts 1 and 2) now available here ... Click image for web page



A woman is a woman is a woman ... but some people don't know what a woman is.  Matt Walsh's much-awaited film -- click image to watch



Sasha Latypova comments:  This is a very important case to watch. The family of George Watts, Jr., a 24-year-old man who died from COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense's Chief Operating Officer, who was presiding over Operation Warp Speed at the time George Watts received two doses of Pfizer injections.

Read full post here.  See Verified Complaint for Willful Misconduct here.





See Sharry Edwards' website at



"Cataclysmic disease" is a term used by Dr. Rima Laibow in this interview with James Rogusky



A U.C. Berkeley neuroscience professor tells us important things about sleep and what it really does.

Read A Midwestern Doctor's Substack post about trauma and insomnia here.



Not here, drive there ... constant Agenda 21 changes!  Parking is now gone in this area alongside California's famous Highway 101, greatly reducing access to the popular Swami's beach.  Anything to make people feel more confined and unhappy...



From  For vigorous exercise, benefits such as cardiovascular health and longevity plateau (translation: get no better) at approximately 150 minutes/week.  After that, your heart health may suffer, and you reap no additional reduction in mortality.



Missouri v. Biden was filed on May 5, 2022.  The Complaint has been amended to transform the case into a class suit due to overwhelming evidence of broad harm to the constitutional rights of all Americans.  You can view the docket by using this link.  The complaint alleges that the U.S. government was not only threatening social media companies to censor Americans, but was also working directly with social media companies to accomplish that goal.

Extraordinary discovery:  The legal/court process has revealed that the Biden regime designates your thoughts as an aspect of government infrastructure -- termed “cognitive infrastructure” -- which they believe they have the right to control.

Read more here.  See more on "cognitive infrastructure" here.  The document discussed and read below is here.