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Cell phone shields

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Mining cryptocurrencies uses a huge amount of energy, much more than people realize.  This article explores how human beings "doing nothing" can supply body heat to supply Bitcoin transactions!  Human energy harvesting may be the wave of the future as people performing labor are sidelined by the growth of robotics.

Quote:  Some estimates have one bitcoin transaction now using the same amount of electricity it would take to power a home for a week.  Collectively, it’s estimated that all the world’s bitcoin miners are using enough electricity at any given time to sustain 2.26 million American homes...  A single human body at rest radiates 100 watts of excess heat... We created a body-suit that uses thermoelectric generators to harvest the temperature differential between the human body and ambient and converts it into usable electricity.

Read full article here.



Heading home after receiving his Covid shot, a Massachusetts man lost consciousness and drove his pick-up truck into parked cars, narrowly missing two people.  Click image for news video:



Quote from Jon's June 14th newsletter:  Before the experimental RNA COVID vaccines were authorized, RNA technology had experienced failures and serious problems in clinical trials -- because the immune system went into overdrive.  It is this immune hyper-response that may be responsible for the recent reported miscarriages and pre-term births; the body basically attacks itself.

This RNA effect is documented in studies published before 2019.  The vaccine makers and public health agencies are well aware of it.  But this is just the beginning of the story, because what is happening to vaccinated women now may be part of a much larger history, involving extensive research on medically induced birth control---also known as population reduction.

Read full piece here.





Well-known osteopath and emergency medicine specialist Dr. Sherri Tenpenny testifies in Ohio for House Bill 248 advocating vaccine choice:





The PCR Covid test is based on results of swabbing deep into the nasal cavity, a sensitive region very close to the brain.  According to this article, the swab is composed of nanofiber mats dissolved in a DCM:DMF solution ... DCM and DMF both carry significant EPA warnings against human contact.

Read full piece here.



Dr. Jane Ruby is an international health economist, interviewed here by Stew Peters.  The magnetic property people are experiencing after their Covid shots is the result of magnetofection -- a component of the mRNA vaccines for improved internal distribution.  Click on image for video.



For an alarming analysis and much more on the NANOFIBER PCR SWABS, click here.



The Smartphone used to be a very handy asset to use a couple of times a day.  It was only when "social media" hit the scene that people became slaves to it...