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 Subtitled:  "The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology"   (Bitchute link is here)



Subtitled: "Living in the Manhattan Project"  (Bitchute link is here)



Sofia Smallstorm: "This was the video I saw back in 2009 that made me realize what the aerosol spraying was really about -- laying in synthetic biology to achieve the melding of man with machine..."



A must-see ...



From all the way back in 2006:



An excellent summary of the years of research done by Clifford Carnicom ... Interview conducted in the winter of 2022




Must listen!  Clifford Carnicom lays out exactly what is our #1 priority: Examination of the DNA of the novel microorganism he identified years ago that is generating "a new biology" on this planet.  The "Covid Era" we are in has everything to do with this new biology that nobody in "science" is paying attention to.

Note that Clifford has already isolated the DNA of this organism (he calls it a CDB, cross-domain bacteria); all that is needed is to sequence (I.e., read) its DNA to figure out how to interfere with what it is doing to us.