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Ingri CasselHere's an interview "around vaccines" rather than about them!  Ingri Cassel, director of Vaccination Liberation, or, discusses with me notions of virology and "immunizing ourselves" that rarely get broken down into their rather misleading bits and pieces.  We talk about the dual nature of our body's protection systems: TH1 and TH2 (cell-mediated and humoral) and what vaccines do when they bypass the first and over-activate the second. A powerful health advocate from Spirit Lake, Idaho, Ingri's philosophy is one of building the body back into its original functionality with the pure, elemental things we need at the cellular level.  The daughter of anti-vaccine activist and author Walene James, Ingri not only carries the torch but holds it high -- and you'll see why. offers plenty of well-organized material: see "Vaccination 101" and "Basic Facts" to start; the sifting and sorting to great external articles has been done for you.

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