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Cell phone shields

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Zoe and child performers in MemphisThis is my second interview with Zoe, whose MK Ultra childhood of ritual abuse led to becoming a government mind-control pawn and asset.  The 1950s was a time of great experimentation on individuals, which has led to modern-day programs to shape mass consciousness or "the public mind."  The Luciferian nature of this agenda is not only seen in the behavior of celebrities and politicians, it is depicted in advertising, official/public ceremonies, company logos, and more.  Without our realizing it, we are participating in inductions and transformations that are indelibly affecting us.  Let Zoe take you through some of this territory!  (First interview with Zoe can be heard here, and read this for more on the Transhuman Agenda.  Two corrections from Zoe on the interview: The mention of Project Paperclip should have been Project Mockingbird, and the sound our president was making at U.C. Irvine was "zog, zog, zog."  And click on the photo to enlarge!)

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