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Cell phone shields

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The Dark Agenda of
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Chemtrails to Pseudo Life Part 1

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Just starting to do my own podcasts -- about two a month.  Scroll down for the complete list, also find them at the Connor Analyst YouTube channel.  Hope you enjoy "the listen"!  (Also check the Newsletters tab for more material in written form.)

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Past lifeFinally I got Sage of Quay Mike Williams to do another podcast with me!  Here we discuss his hypnotherapy work in connection with past-life regressions.  Before you dismiss this as a nonsensical notion, do listen to the interview.  It was Mike's own past-life regression that fascinated him so much that he became certified in hypnotherapy to start his own practice in the Raleigh, NC area.  Although he does not do remote sessions with clients, you can read more about his work in this area at  The link to the brainwaves material we discuss in the show is here.

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Marcia SingerMarcia Singer is a woman of many, many diverse talents, and an old friend from years ago who joins me in a podcast to discuss preserving our sanity in a world that is moving faster than we can comprehend, and in all kinds of confusing directions.  Coach, therapist, singer, artist -- Marcia is pretty unforgettable once you know her.  The thing that stays with me from this show is the benediction May I Be Safe -- a self-therapy she shares and we talk about in the interview.  If you like what you hear, Marcia is available for personal consultations at her website, where you can learn more about her, contact her, and see some of her unusual and profound writings and creations.

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Living Tea BreweryToday I interview the owners of The Living Tea Brewery in Oceanside, California, whose own wake-up began with leaving behind their former beer-drinking, football-playing selves to professionally brew and wholesale San Diego's best kombucha, a fermented natural beverage that is rapidly gaining popularity.  I knew very little about kombucha until I met Bill and Josh Weigel, who hosted Benny Wills' Regeneration event in San Diego this summer.  Our interview is not just about kombucha, but about activism and awareness needed for a serious nuclear issue nearby -- potentially a template of disaster to come!  Hate to be a doom-and-gloomer, but please listen so you can share the knowledge!

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Original MexicoCarl Herman is what I would call a "persistent educator" ... not only in the world of alternative media, but he also teaches professionally at the high-school level.  I first heard him on Jim Fetzer's podcast series, and was struck by his clear-spokenness and patience, as well as his intelligence.  I invited him to discuss with me the real story of Mexico and the details of the United States' theft of almost half its land in the 1800s, in violation of the sacrosanct Adams-Onis treaty.  We move on from this into rogue empire and intentions on the part of oligarchs; Carl gets into some viable solutions.  Visit his website at; his article on the Adams-Onis treaty is here, and his acclaimed "Seizing an Alternative" article is here.

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This interview is based on my June 2018 newsletter (you are welcome to subscribe!) ... Glyphosate shuts down the shikimate pathway in plants and bacteria, which critically interferes with their immune defense against pathogens.  Human beings and mammals obtain three key amino acids from bacteria and plants' shikimate pathway, and thus a vast swath of biology is harmed by glyphosate's use.  In addition, glyphosate takes the place of the basic amino acid glycine in plant and animal proteins, where it causes malfunctions and deep harm to health.  We have seen many ailments and diseases rise steeply since glyphosate was introduced into agriculture (as a dessicant and microbe destroyer prior to the late 1990s, and for herbicidal purposes thereafter).  Listen to the whole show for one way to combat glyphosate!




The birth of environmentalism in America began with the passenger pigeon's extinction.  In this discussion, we take a zigzag path to America's farming monoculture -- soybeans and corn.




Jerry DayJerry Day explains the intrusions and problems of smart meters like no one else.  His sequence of Notices at his website were the starting basis of the InPowerMovement's anti-smart-meter methodology, along with the slogan "Take Back Your Power," the title of Josh del Sol's popular documentary.  Jerry now advocates getting off the grid entirely, so as not to have any further relationships with power companies or dependency on them.  It's easier than you think!  Visit his websites and

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