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SmallstormPlease note that this is a personal newsletter written by Sofia Smallstorm.  It is not "the news," but rather a reflective way of sharing information.  It is not available to the general public except by way of this website in pdf form.  (Subscriptions are available with a $50 annual donation; if you are interested, please contact me by way of this website -- see link above.)

I cover a range of subjects.  You will find more than "the basics" here.  As I explain in the header, this is my effort to bring you bits and pieces that have clarified my own understanding of things.



The Sepsis Agenda

This is the newsletter that goes with the show I did with Sage of Quay on biological darkness.  At the time I wrote the newsletter, I did not have the term in mind, but it's a great encapsulator of what is happening inside our bodies as a result of the overplay on what I call the sepsis half of the day/night cycle in our world.  Listen to the podcast here.



Cumberland Gap and The Underground World

A double-issue that resulted in a couple of interviews (see here and here) ... Why do underground tunnels take so long to construct and what are they actually a part of?  The underworld of caves in America is vast, and we have heard of cities being built beneath the ground, with tunnels connecting them.  In this newsletter I write about nuclear plants, lithium and World War II.  How does it all connect?



Corporate government / Legal fiction / Codes of the Future

We have heard that our government is now corporate; that the USA is a corporation just like any other.  What has happened since the early days of heavily restricted corporate charters, and how are we now surrounded by a net that has incorporated us ourselves into legal fictions that operate and contract unwittingly through our signatures?  Here's a double-issue with a lot of tie-ins and expansions; you might want to read it twice!



Fateful Harvest: Chemical Fertilizers

The hidden twin of chemical pesticides is chemical fertilizers.  Few of us know anything about these, but organic certification does not include them.  Farmers may add many chemical compounds to their fields and still be considered "organic," did you know?  The products are derived from industrial waste (e.g., scraped from refinery chimneys) but are considered "safe" when sprinkled over acres of soil.  While it's true that soil contains trace amounts of toxic elements, does selling toxic waste as fertilizer add up to the same thing?  The book Fateful Harvest by Seattle Times reporter Duff Wilson is a tremendous exploration of this reality (HarperCollins 2001), but it has strangely gone nowhere, in spite of its horrifying revelations.



Energy-Harvesting Jewelry / TENG technology

"Energy Addicts" jewelry, designed in Israel, is the beginning of what is likely to become the attachment of nano-wired devices to our bodies such that they actually run on small, involuntary motor movements (blinking, blood flow).  Hard to believe, but cell phones will not have batteries -- we will be the source instead!  Human energy harvesting is the term for this, and social conditioning will make us proud to be such producers, rather than draining our precious planet ...

How Does TV Hypnotize Us?

Okay, we hear all the time that TV is a mind-control machine and it actually hypnotizes us.  No, you say -- not me!  But maybe it IS possible that television is cementing ideas in our brains, and if so, how does that work?  I consulted a clinical hypnotherapist to learn more about how the conscious mind goes on holiday when it receives certain kinds of stimuli ... most interesting, and it could happen to you!



Chemical Snow / Radar Guns and Baseball Cancer

Weather modification these days includes the creation of artificial snow that won't melt even if you light a match to it.  Pretty amazing, don't you think?  It all begins with observation of nature and then the technological imitation of it.  And we too are being observed, of course, but no one has put together the story of radar guns clocking "pitcher speed" and cancer in baseball players the way Joe Imbriano of Orange County, California has.



Income Tax and Obamacare

The most scary trial in American history ended in a hung jury.  Had it gone the wrong way, we would have a "justice system" that could compel any kind of testimony from a witness.  Note that a new trial has been scheduled, however ...  And here you will learn to whom Obamacare really applies.



The Occult Nature of JFK, 9/11 and our Money

Big events are game changers on a metaphysical level.  Here I look excerpt the work of Joseph Farrell in an effort to probe and discuss the depth of Intention (not ours) as laid out in the assassination of John Kennedy, the takedown of the Twin Towers, and what has been recently altered on our paper dollars ...



Muhammad Ali / Defining Science / Public vs. Private

A timeless interview of Muhammad Ali by the BBC, wherein the multiculturalist interviewer is made hash of ... Where can one seek electro-refuge?  In Greenbank, West Virginia, thanks to a super-sensitive space telescope necessitating a "national radio quiet zone."  More on the ever-expanding Smart Grid and our place in it as private individuals.



Behind Polio

We think of polio as a viral paralysis that affected children in the last century.  The Salk and Sabin polio vaccines are thought to have eradicated polio, but that is not the case at all.  Polio and nuclear testing are part of a huge ongoing story -- the birth of radiation going public.



Food Allergies / Human Laboratories


Anaphylactic shock -- peanuts now cause it too! Where did this come from? Vaccines overtrigger the Th2 immune system to produce antibodies for certain molecules (e.g., oils and proteins) by "effraction" -- literally "burglary," as in force-entering the bloodstream and bypassing the Th1 immune system (our "guardians of the gates").  And is the human body being used as a free, walking laboratory, where body snatchers and sharers co-exist with our organic biology?



The Ugandan Experiment / Island Biology / The End of Nations

It is true that certain foreign places become experiments in sociology and even biology.  Ever think about all those military bases on the world's islands?  Taking a trek into Uganda's anti-homosexuality movement and then into a piece by Richard Moore titled "The Elite Agenda for Social Transformation" ... see how the Hegelian hand will give us a planet that "seeks the best for everybody."



The Japanese Tsunami

Creating super-disasters and catastrophe-management portfolios to go with them ... The Aon-Benfield Hazard Research Center in London specializes in global geophysical events, which includes the study of superwaves.  Aon is an insurance name.  Put 2 + 2 together ...



Mortgages and credit cards

Contrary to most people's understanding, banks do not lend you money when they "finance" houses and credit-card purchases.  A credit-card account is described/listed/categorized by banks themselves as a "demand deposit account" -- the same as a checking account.  Here's where you have a phenomenal edge if you decide to battle a bank on this issue.



Disappearing Males and Cellular Fatigue

How many people are aware of the feminization of men -- the half that protects the other half and our children?  The steady influx of estrogenic chemicals and plastics is slowly changing one of the genders, as chemicals, radiation and stressors in general are collapsing our cells no matter what gender we may be.  Recommended: AIDS, Opium, Diamonds & Empire -- fantastic book by Dr. Nancy Banks.