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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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The Dark Agenda of
Synthetic Biology

Chemtrails to Pseudo Life Part 1

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Lugol's Plus iodine

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Nascent and Lugol's

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Steeple with antennaAs its website describes, "Imagine running a business whose success relies on being completely undetectable to the public. Ours does. Today, society runs on wireless signal.  User spurred and technology steered, the craving for connectivity fuels business and life.  Driven by devices, the fast-growing wireless industry depends on antennas. And STEALTH has spent 25 years making them disappear."

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Whiskering on jeansModern blue jeans are broken in by pre-washing denim with strong oxidizers (a hard-to-find consumer equivalent is RIT Fast Fade) for the "worn" look.  Once sewn, jeans are scraped by hand at the knees, with other touches like rents and rips often added.  The wrinkle lines you see at the crotch are called "whiskering," and special commercial molds are available to make the job of creating these easier.

Whiskers on jeans were supposedly trended by the world of hip-hop to draw focus to the crotch area.  If you read a little further into whiskers, ask yourself, what type of animal has whiskers? an image-consulting blog asks.  Adding a few lines to indicate use or long, proud "ownership" seems innocent enough, but this particular wear pattern would only come from years of working a desk job, or maybe if you were a cowhand who eternally lived in the saddle, in which case the creases would be dingy brown, not white.

Our thoughts are shaped in a stealthy way.  It's not easy to find "clean jeans" these days, with no suggestive markings.



5G (G means "generation" not GigaHertz) succeeds 4G, which came after 3G.  Everyone who supported these earlier technologies by their constant use of gadgets and devices operating and relying on them has paved the way for 5G.  Joe Imbriano of explains the ramifications:






SB 6037 is the "Uniform Parenting Act," granting adults with intent (or desire) to acquire/adopt children more rights than those of children to their biological parents.  Surrogacy has become a popular way for those who are unable to give birth to become parents, or legally acquire children.  Not all of these people have good intentions toward those children.  The website writes: SB 6037 shows us – children are objectified and put at risk. They become commodities that can be cut and pasted into any adult arrangement. Maybe one parent, or two or three or maybe more. Men and/or women. Married or unmarried. Genetically related or genetic strangers. Living or dead. ... 

Of course, even children created through reproductive technologies who grow up in the “best case” scenario still suffer loss.  That’s why many donor-conceived children oppose all forms of surrogacy and third-party reproduction.  Washington lawmakers, are your really comfortable creating a state-sanctioned global marketplace of children in your state? Because that’s what SB 6037 will do. 

Read more here, here and here.





Another great analysis by Paul Romano:




A penetrating discussion by Sylvie of ... Few people realize that the blockchains that run cryptocurrencies and smart contracting (the way of the future) use massive amounts of energy and are therefore not "sustainable" as we use that word today.  The blockchain that supports Bitcoin uses more energy annually than a small country!  Will blockchains of the future rely on human energy harvesting for their support?  That's my bet (see 16:20 in video below):