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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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The Dark Agenda of
Synthetic Biology

Chemtrails to Pseudo Life Part 1

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Living in the Manhattan Project
Pseudo-Life Part 2 DVD

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June 2nd in Oceanside, California.  Presentations and performing art.  Click image to enlarge.  Buy tickets here or at door.


Regeneration event June 2



Very nice commentary by Max Igan -- listen to the whole of it!




Posted in 2015 by Dane Wigington of, and well worth a review today.  Things haven't gotten better!




Walking evokes a series of biophysical and biochemical responses the longer you do it.  This video explains what happens with just a few minutes and more.  450 minutes of physical activity a week is very beneficial; beyond that the benefits actually drop.  Remember, too, that walking allows you to ponder, contemplate and think, so leave those headsets at home!  Read more here.






Vaccine & Pharma process


There is an undisputable network above us -- what could be called "The Club."  Read Jon Rappaport's recent piece: "Media Won't Investigate Medically Caused Death Numbers" here.

Some quotes: "The system I represent kills 2.25 million people per decade, and maims between 20 and 40 million more people per decade, but I want to assure you this vaccine presents no problems at all. It’s incredibly safe.” ... When hard rains fall, the media are there with an umbrella to hold over organized society’s head. To walk away in the middle of a downpour would leave the status quo unprotected.

“Defending the Crown” is another way to put it.  The King may make mistakes, he may commit heinous offenses, but he is the King, and therefore his position must remain secure. Young journalists learn this point quickly.  If in their zeal, they cross the threshold and attempt to expose a central myth, fairy tale, legend, they’re put back in their place.  They absorb the message.  Journalism has limits.



McDowell triplets become autistic within hours of each other:


Viera Scheibner polio quote


Irish teenager confronts a women's health advocate:




Listen and watch the video below, in which a tone starts at 20 Hertz and rises to 20 kiloHertz (1000 times higher).  This is referred to as the human audio spectrum.  You may not hear anything at first, but you will start to hear when your own auditory transduction kicks in.  Children are capable of hearing what adults cannot; as we know, hearing capacity diminishes with age.  Change the setting (gear-shaped icon) to speed the video up if you want to.