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This SGT Report interview establishes that Child Protective Services seeks to find natural parents of special-needs children to be "unfit" and place the children in foster care, from which they "disappear," and are deemed simply to be "runaways."  What the interview does not discuss is the potential for these "runaways" to be victims of human trafficking.  As greater numbers of children become neurologically damaged by environmental toxins (e.g., glyphosate) and the vaccine agenda, one can only see this pattern of defenseless children being parted by the state from their natural parents becoming more and more prevalent.




One of the best guys on RF EMFs:









Geoengineering chemtrails


LASG, the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, has filed suit againt the United States Department of Commerce, which overseas the agency NOAA, for failure to respond to FOIA requests for information on weather modification.  Quote from post on 

Stop Geoengineering Minnesota has brought suit in United States District Court for the District of Columbia against the Department of Commerce, as well as against NOAA, for the failure to respond to requests for information regarding weather modification under a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request.  SGM is a project of the non-profit, Minnesota Natural Health Coalition (, which works in collaboration with Geoengineering Watch (, in an effort to bring attention to weather modification and to litigate issues related to geoengineering and illegal weather modification. SGM has requested records concerning weather modification in the possession of the Weather Service, and the reason for the agency imposing illegal gag orders on their employees.  SGM is requesting an order to have the Dept. of Commerce promptly provide the records; declare that the failure to disclose is unlawful; that the failure to make a timely determination is unlawful; that the failure to provide SGM with an estimated completion date for their FOIA request and appeal, is unlawful.

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Blue sparks in the night sky -- not lightning -- began 60 fires in Northern California.  Evacuations, strandings, homes burning ... all becoming more and more the norm, as Hollywood releases disaster movies that show the same.  This is how we become normalized to geo-terror ... A witness reports:




Asbest, Russia (population 70,000), is an asbestos-producing town, dominated by a huge mine owned by the company Uralasbest.  The people of Asbest are dependent on the mine; 25 million Russians (total population 142 million) live in towns with only one main industry that cannot close due to this kind of economic relationship.

The mine in Asbest is half the size of Manhattan.  From Dr. Mercola's recent newsletter: "The city’s pride for the industry can be seen in large asbestos-promoting banners hung all over town.  Asbest even has an asbestos-themed anthem and a monument made of asbestos, symbolizing the city’s strange admiration for the deadly carcinogen. The first place [documentary reporter] Larsson visits is the asbestos mine, where half a million tons of asbestos are mined each year."  Locals say they are unafraid of the dangers of asbestos: "Things happen to you only when you are afraid of them.”

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral whose use dates back to ancient Greece, where people made wicks from it to burn eternal flames, and wove it into garments, napkins and table cloths, which they would throw into the fire, marveling at how clean and unburned the cloth remained.

Watch this documentary, and read more here:





Jim Abrahams' film First Do No Harm is based on real life and tells the story of an epileptic boy's recovery by switching to a ketogenic (fat-based) diet.  Epileptic children can remain seizure-free even after discontinuing this type of diet, and many can resume eating the ordinary way.  Ketogenic diets have also helped those with ALS, autism, cancer, Parkinsons and Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes.