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Sheriff's deputies showed up to arrest Michelle Mancini of Bluffton, SC because of her refusal to accept a smart meter.  Read Ms. Mancini's press release below.

Press release:

Armed Officers Arrest and Jail Woman to Enforce “Smart” Meters   Bluffton, South Carolina, February 19, 2018 A Sheriff arrested and jailed a woman after she had a smart meter on her home changed to an analog meter due to health issues from the radiation. The arrest warrant for Elizabeth Michelle Mancini states that Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc., did not approve the meter, and could not read it.   Ms. Mancini, a Technical Writer with no criminal record, stated, “Palmetto did not, and could not rebut my affidavit of claims related to their having put an unsafe and invasive meter on my home. I didn’t violate any law because I was simply acting in self-defense against an unlawful meter.” She said she had no intent to defraud the utility company, and that “Utilities have been able to read analog meters for over 70 years--a third grader can do it.”

Ms. Mancini began requesting Palmetto to remove their smart meter in 2015, to protect her health and her Fourth Amendment right to privacy in the home. Ms. Mancini described going through an administrative process, serving the CEO of the power company with a “Notice and Demand,” and a subsequent “Notice of Default,” prior to installing a safe, hardwired analog meter. She returned the smart meter, undamaged, to the CEO of Palmetto and included photos of all readings for meter reading purposes and to show she was not attempting to defraud the company.   Armed officers came to her home and made the arrest.

“All of us are being harmed by excessive radiation, but only a small percentage of the population are clinically sensitive to radio frequencies. There was no compelling public interest to strip search and shackle me, and there is no public benefit to my prosecution. These so-called smart meters are a profitable fraud. The crime is Palmetto’s gross negligence regarding the health effects from these meters, and also the violation of our right to privacy within the home. They are simultaneously harming and spying on trusting, innocent customers under the guise of delivering the most basic human needs.”   Ms. Mancini made recordings of the police when they invaded her home, but law enforcement scrubbed the recordings.

“I hope my arrest will help lead to people joining together to refuse this technology. Easements are not open ended and do not include the forcing of a radiation emitting surveillance device,” she said. Ms. Mancini has requested a continuance of a hearing scheduled.  



Kim Kardashian is now having a third baby by surrogate, meaning the baby is being carried by another woman.  (See People Magazine article here.)  For a long time, the Kardashian reality show (Keeping Up With the Kardashians) openly discussed Kim's uterine problems and her frequent gynecological visits.  Presumably due to these difficulties, Kim decided to look for a surrogate to carry her third child.  Pay attention!  The Kardashians are models for the building of trends: interracial marriage, transgenderism, and now surrogate pregnancy, which is just a step or two away from artificial wombs -- the Homo Evolutis plan for the future of human reproduction.  Will the Kardashian clan try this option too, if surrogacy poses its own problems?






Modern life has given us autism, autoimmune disorders, neurological breakdowns (e.g. ALS, multiple sclerosis) and crooked faces -- a link discovered by Forrest Maready, explained below and in his book Crooked ... The incredible story of metals, microbes and medicine -- hidden within our faces.





Epidemic: by Lori HandrahanPopular radio host Bonnie Faulkner discusses Dr. Lori Handrahan's new book on her Guns and Butter show.  Dr. Handrahan was terminated from her job at American University because she would not remain silent about the rape of her small child.  Having studied scores of criminal complaints, police files, and much more on child sex abuse, Dr. Handrahan sheds new light on pedophilia in this discussion: It is not a disorder, but pure sadism, practiced by a huge number of people working in the sectors of our society that involve children -- for purposes of access to children.  Read her book: Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape, available here, and listen to Bonnie's interview here.




Rosalind PetersonRosalind Peterson, a former crop-loss adjustor with the California Department of Agriculture, founded the California Skywatch website after noticing poor crop performance and a possible connection to aerosols being sprayed in the sky -- what the government agencies insist are "persistent jet contrails."  Rosalind's successor website was, where she exposed the US Navy warfare training ranges now long established along the US coastlines.  Rosalind passed on February 4, 2018 -- see much more about her here.








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