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Cell phone shields

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The Dark Agenda of
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Chemtrails to Pseudo Life Part 1

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Just starting to do my own podcasts -- about two a month.  Scroll down for the complete list, also find them at the Connor Analyst YouTube channel.  Hope you enjoy "the listen"!  (Also check the Newsletters tab for more material in written form.)

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Jamie LeeJamie Lee is a prolific adventurer and blogger in the alternative realm, and when he takes a dive, he dives deep.  A former Wall Streeter, he now lives in northern California, pursuing health and organic farming.  The skies in this region took him into a thorough exploration of geoengineering, which resulted in the book (his second) Geoengineering a.k.a Chemtrails: Humanity's 6th Great Extinction Event.  Jamie and I get lost in a nice discussion on aerosols/geoengineering and quite a bit more.  Please visit and explore his website

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Here's an in-depth interview in which we discuss the poisoning of our soil (read the book Fateful Harvest by Duff Wilson) and the fascinating research of Dr. Zachary Bush, whose product Restore, is helping so many people with health issues:



Note: Please forgive me for messing up "thousands" and "millions" of gut-biome bacteria species -- again!  (I did this in another show too.)  In this show I go back to the correct term later.  We are meant to have 20-30,000 (thousand, not million) species of bacteria in our gut, but we only have 10,000 -- and that's between 44 people together, according to a study by the NIH.)

Download or listen to mp3 here  Note:  In this audio file, the above-mentioned errors are fixed!




SGT ReportYouTube has been demonetizing channels covering Pizzagate and now Pedogate ... SGT Report, with over 150,000 followers, was entirely demonetized recently -- retaliation upon the "fake news-ers."  Sean of SGT Report discusses this turn of events with me:  The days of "good content and high traffic" bringing rewards are gone for certain kinds of content, it seems.  However, SGT Report is now on Patreon (see here), where you can contribute your direct support!  Be sure to join this much better playing field, where everyone wins and now it's even better that your favorite channels aren't bogged down with those tireless advertisements!  The show ends with a reading of my "Banksters" flyer, which you can download or buy in bulk here.

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Ella GareevaElla Draper, now known as Ella Gareeva, is the mother of Alisa and Gabriel, also referred to as "the Hampstead children," whose story and personal testimony of sodomy and murder went viral on YouTube in February 2015.  Ella joins me to share insight into and shed light on the ritual abuse of her young children, which may have begun when they were infants (unbeknownst to her). She discusses the Sodomite Death Cult that operates at high levels of British life and is making its way down the social pyramid to create a "culture of killers" who are negatively sexualized by sadistic tortures. For backstory, please listen to this SGT Report, and click here for Ella's recent public statement.  Please also visit her websites: and

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Flat Earth with dome

There are questions that even Flat Earthers don't have the answer to about where we live!  A discussion between myself, Mike Williams (a.k.a. Sage of Quay), and F.E. afficionados Jeran and David Weiss.  We ponder Sunrise/Sunset Creep, rapid nightfall in Australia, eclipses, stars, dimensions, the Ice Age and the sun and our biology.  This is not a primer for newcomers, but rather an exploration of possibilities and philosophies.  My thanks to my fellow participants for the time they have personally spent on (and continue to put into) this journey.

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Mark DevlinMark Devlin returns to discuss aspects of his voluminous book Musical Truth (now that I have finished reading it).  A professional DJ in the world of hip-hop before it was taken over to be destroyed by the NWO agenda, Mark presents this and more musical history in his book.  Our discussion takes us beyond music into a range of current topics, including the wireless world and transhumanism.  I cannot recommend Musical Truth enough (the sequel, Musical Truth II is on the way); please visit Mark's website to purchase it and hear his own fascinating podcasts with guests.

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Dr. Rima LaibowDr. Rima Laibow returns to tell the incredible tale of how her beloved husband Major General Bert Stubblebine suffered and died on February 6, 2017 in a modern American hospital as he was systematically denied vital nutrients while hospitalized, despite the concerted efforts of Dr. Laibow and lawyer Ralph Fucetola to legally counter the situation.  General Bert's ordeal underscores the importance of Informed Consent, which Dr. Laibow explains at length in this interview.  For the legally valid do-not-consent vaccine card, click here. Two vital web sources for practitioners of "good medicine" as Dr. Laibow calls it are (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) and (American College for the Advancement of Medicine).  Also see and learn more at DrRimaRecommends and DrRimaTruthReports

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A very wide range of topics that I attempt to bring together, with my great friend The Sage.  (He is always so patient.)  I apologize if I sound a bit shrill, but this is tough stuff to explain and I was straining to do so. We get into the Piraha of the Amazon (who do not use past or future tense, have no word for worry, and do not count), the heart is not a pump, and speech is more than communication.  Do read the fascinating book by Daniel Everett, Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes.