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Just starting to do my own podcasts -- about two a month.  Scroll down for the complete list, also find them at the Connor Analyst YouTube channel.  Hope you enjoy "the listen"!  (Also check the Newsletters tab for more material in written form.)

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Catherine Austin FittsI am joined by Catherine Austin Fitts in a discussion about her direct experience in the world of government financial corruption, the types of people who were caught in and participated in this overt/covert duality, and her philosophies on what we might do about it.  Catherine is a highly regarded economic analyst, as well as being a down-to-earth person with integrity and a sense of humor: as she talks, we understand!  She is currently an investment advisor and political commentator, offering readers and subscribers her personal Solari Report, along with a multitude of fascinating interviews and podcasts available on the internet.

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Sonia BarrettStarting the new year, I interview Sonia Barrett, whose first book The Holographic Canvas put her in the "spirituality spotlight" in 2008. In 2010, her article titled The Marketing of Breast Cancer drew more attention, and the result is her new film, The Business of Disease.  Sonia is what you might call a spiritual realist, not a New Ager, and our discussion reveals a personal philosophy that comes from her "self-owned," unpretentious evolution, which has clearly had noteworthy results.  We also talk quite a bit about the Piraha Amazonian tribe (see my blog post here).  Visit Sonia's website here.

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Pizza everywhereAnother fine show with MKUltra survivor Zoe, who lived at one time in Washington D.C. where she ran a thriving business, thanks to the government.  Zoe was "a radical lesbian feminist" at the time, and a cointelpro tool; she also bore witness to the expanding culture of child exploitation in that city.  Zoe is extremely articulate and intelligent and, thankfully, a whole person these days -- a rare thing, given the kind of trauma sexually exploited people grapple with.  My deep thanks to Zoe for sharing her insights with us.  Past shows with Zoe are here and here; don't miss them!  (A good summary of Pizzagate here.)

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In this show we discuss aspects of Pizzagate and pedophilia.  Listener discretion advised.




Friendly police officerAn awake police officer talks about our many staged shootings and typicalities to look for in recognizing them.  We also discuss lots more that he is not only aware of but informs us about from a trained perspective.  Here's a patient person, an intelligent mind with a deep sense of what's really happening in the world -- all in a blue uniform!

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American eagle by David DeesSatiric artist David Dees has a new book of his art pieces -- The Art of David Dees: Volume 2.  In our previous show we discussed his path to becoming a political artist and his artistic techniques; today we get more into David's own views and politics.  His vivid work is packed with humor, and his personal commentary, as I have come to know him, is too.  Please visit David's site here, where you can see his witty and hilarious art (600 pieces to date).  Package deals available on books as the holidays approach ... fans have written to say that family gatherings are a great way to wake up sleeping relatives -- put a Dees book on the coffee table (or bring one with you) and all those greasy fingers won't let it go!

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A discussion with The Sage of Quay (a.k.a. Mike Williams) about the concept of Biological Darkness and the Sepsis Agenda caused by all the assaults being let loose on us, including the loss of sunlight and the proliferation of molds and spores created by geoengineering.  I discuss the way the trophic chain works and how detritivores (decomposers) work during darkness to break life down.  A lot of this is new to me, and I am doing my best to explain it.  (Please note: The background noises are quite mysterious ... both of us were sitting quietly at our computers, doing this show, yet there is audible shuffling, stamping, clinking of metal of some kind, and even a sense of room noise on this recording.  Wonder why??)  My newsletter on this subject can be found here.




Randy MaugansRandy Maugans' background in I.T. has given him great insights into the technology-addicted Smart world we are in these days. What I term the "2D" world is taking over 3D or physical space by offering us its immersive technology.  Randy and I discuss Strong A.I. (artificial intelligence that acts human) and much more in this show; the fact is, he reminds us, that our consciousness is multidimensional, and by increasingly interacting with this computer world we are risking the possiblity of locking it into a place we might not be able to escape from.  (This gave me chills!)  2D is constantly pushing content at us, and we are requesting and consuming this.  We must realize what we are consenting to, says Randy.  See and hear more of Randy at OffPlanetRadio.

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