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Cell phone shields

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The Dark Agenda of
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Chemtrails to Pseudo Life Part 1

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Just starting to do my own podcasts -- about two a month.  Scroll down for the complete list, also find them at the Connor Analyst YouTube channel.  Hope you enjoy "the listen"!  (Also check the Newsletters tab for more material in written form.)

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Yohan & BhavyaYohan and Bhavya are young Indians in their twenties, preparing to launch an Internet platform to wake the Indian people up!  They have been researching the global agenda for several years, and I invited them to discuss and explain the rapid implementation of this agenda in India, unbeknownst to most Indians.  Modern India is ready to go cashless, with a national ID program that has collected biometric data on most of its 1.3 billion citizens.

Listen here and see the links provided below:

UIDAI and the Globalist Agenda
Bill Gates: Digitizing India
Untouchability: India's Castes
Globalist Genocide in India
Modi & Rothschild's Failed Financial Coup
Is India Becoming a GMO Trash Can
Countercurrents: India Archives


Folks, cryptocurrency is something to be pondered deeply before we all dive in.  It is serving as the carrot to blockchain technology, which will change human relations and interactions in a profound way.  Please listen:






Martin KennyMartin Kenny is known for his "Cosmic Egg" model of the universe (see YouTube below).  In this show, we discuss Martin's sudden life shift that led him to a path he calls Innerstanding -- as opposed to the convention of Understanding imposed on us by Authorities Who Tell Us What's What.  The word Innerstanding should go viral, if you ask me!  When you leave Understanding behind and embark on a journey of Innerstanding, the tempo of your life changes and a new and much more beneficial rhythm begins.  Please listen to Martin describe the changes that occurred for him and watch his Cosmic Egg presentations on his YouTube channel.

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Dr. Laura PressleyDr. Laura Pressley ran for City Council in Austin, Texas in 2014, intent on cutting waste from the city budget and fixing problems.  She was an extremely popular candidate whose grassroots campaign was boosted by scores of dedicated volunteers, and given her expertise with numbers and lifelong activism she was thought by nearly all to be perfect for the job.  However, two weeks before the election-entry deadline, a 24-year-old ethnic Mexican (Gregorio Casar) moved into town, signed up to run and beat Laura Pressley 2 to 1.  With her mathematical skills, Dr. Pressley began to analyze the election results, saw odd patterns, and decided to file a lawsuit to decertify her opponent's victory.  Her case -- the first in the country to produce direct evidence of electronic vote fraud -- has reached the Texas Supreme Court, and if she prevails, EVF will be blown open in America as never before.  Please hear this amazing woman's story and support her ($15K of donations are needed!!) at  Read more here and here.

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To understand how EVF is done today, watch this video:





Today Sage and I discuss the Julian Assange Wikileaks phenomenon, intelligence dumping, and the debate in the I.T. world over A.I. and I.A. -- artificial intelligence vs. intelligence augmentation -- representing two schools of thought in the ranks of the world's futurists.




Jeanice BarceloJeanice Barcelo returns to share her new research on ultrasound and its disastrous effects on crystals and our cells.  Performed routinely in pre-natal care, ultrasound imaging is not safe for humans and is produced by deforming crystals (which are also in our biological tissues) such that they "scream" (Jeanice's word), emitting energy that is captured so as to create a visible image.  The continued efforts of researchers to probe and provoke nature beyond its limits and tolerances "is madness, mad science," Jeanice points out in this very informative discussion.  Please contribute to the creation of her ground-breaking new book on ultrasound -- intentionally being made outside the reach of the Matrix -- by check/M.O. to Jeanice Barcelo, PO Box 1561, West Babylon, NY 11704.  Visit her website here.

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