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Just starting to do my own podcasts -- about two a month.  Scroll down for the complete list, also find them at the Connor Analyst YouTube channel.  Hope you enjoy "the listen"!  (Also check the Newsletters tab for more material in written form.)

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Today Sage and I discuss the Julian Assange Wikileaks phenomenon, intelligence dumping, and the debate in the I.T. world over A.I. and I.A. -- artificial intelligence vs. intelligence augmentation -- representing two schools of thought in the ranks of the world's futurists.




Jeanice BarceloJeanice Barcelo returns to share her new research on ultrasound and its disastrous effects on crystals and our cells.  Performed routinely in pre-natal care, ultrasound imaging is not safe for humans and is produced by deforming crystals (which are also in our biological tissues) such that they "scream" (Jeanice's word), emitting energy that is captured so as to create a visible image.  The continued efforts of researchers to probe and provoke nature beyond its limits and tolerances "is madness, mad science," Jeanice points out in this very informative discussion.  Please contribute to the creation of her ground-breaking new book on ultrasound -- intentionally being made outside the reach of the Matrix -- by check/M.O. to Jeanice Barcelo, PO Box 1561, West Babylon, NY 11704.  Visit her website here.

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I get into the riddle of A.I. or I.A. in this discussion with Mark Devlin, whom I have interviewed in the past (scroll down this page for links).  Listen here and read the article I refer to here.

Transhuman engineering
Mark Devlin show




In this interview we discuss The Continuum Concept, an amazing book by Jean Liedloff.  Western babies are not continually held in their mothers' arms as many indigenous peoples' babies are; Liedloff calls this the in-arms phase, and it is vital to our healthy integration with our society.  Why are Western societies so uptight, competitive, unhappy, anxious, etc. etc.??  Listen and you will find out.  Truly wondrous information!




Statue from The Song of SongsI speak again with modern historian Joe Atwill, this time about the Motion Picture Production Code implemented in Hollywood in the 1930s, eventually replaced with the current rating system (G,PG, R, X).  The Code, overseen by Freemason Will Hays, was on its surface intended to restrict studios and filmmakers from showing lewd or violent material to the public, but our interview reveals that propriety was not really the goal.  The result of such restriction was suggestiveness on the part of filmmakers, who found creative ways to depict sex and violence such that audiences only wanted more.  And thus we were conditioned toward the moral laxity offered by the modern film industry.  See more of Joe Atwill at, and read more about the Code here.  (At right is the statue Joe mentions from The Song of Songs.)

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Matt LandmanMatt recently released a documentary aptly titled Frankenskies, now available on YouTube and gathering views like lightning.  We talk here about what led him to make the film, the first half of which is an extraordinary collection of news clips spanning decades, with what I call "the mouthpieces" (mainstream media and experts) telling us about weather modification programs and experiments.  All of this has taken place, folks, and they are telling the tale themselves.  If your friends and fam are still dubious, have them watch the first half of Frankenskies -- no arguments possible!  Matt is an activist in the raw, you could say, and hasn't stopped since he put 2+2 together himself, which began on a farm in California ... Let him tell you the story, and please visit for more information (your part in all this).

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Watch the film:




Jamie LeeJamie Lee is a prolific adventurer and blogger in the alternative realm, and when he takes a dive, he dives deep.  A former Wall Streeter, he now lives in northern California, pursuing health and organic farming.  The skies in this region took him into a thorough exploration of geoengineering, which resulted in the book (his second) Geoengineering a.k.a Chemtrails: Humanity's 6th Great Extinction Event.  Jamie and I get lost in a nice discussion on aerosols/geoengineering and quite a bit more.  Please visit and explore his website

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Here's an in-depth interview in which we discuss the poisoning of our soil (read the book Fateful Harvest by Duff Wilson) and the fascinating research of Dr. Zachary Bush, whose product Restore, is helping so many people with health issues:



Note: Please forgive me for messing up "thousands" and "millions" of gut-biome bacteria species -- again!  (I did this in another show too.)  In this show I go back to the correct term later.  We are meant to have 20-30,000 (thousand, not million) species of bacteria in our gut, but we only have 10,000 -- and that's between 44 people together, according to a study by the NIH.)

Download or listen to mp3 here  Note:  In this audio file, the above-mentioned errors are fixed!